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Atawey installs MYE1 on INES’ site

Atawey is pleased to announce the installation of MYE1 on the Solar Energy National Institute’s platform (INES) located in Savoie Technolac.  

Realized this day, the installation represents a great progress in the development and commercialization of the product. This move will also enable Atawey to qualify its performance and benefit from a first real condition feedback thanks to a remote monitoring.

Observable from the outside of the site, visits will be available. Atawey is also currently involved in advanced talks with various sites in France and abroad (islands, shelters and industrial applications). An inauguration will be realized next autumn for people to discover or re-discover the product.

For any enquiry or visit, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Exclusive partnership agreement between Atawey and McPhy Energy

ATAWEY and McPHY ENERGY join forces to provide the best energy autonomy solution destined to isolated sites.

At the heart of the agreement are McPHY ENERGY’s solid hydrogen storage technologies which will be exclusively equipping the energy autonomy systems developed and commercialized by ATAWEY.

A strategic move for both partners

Thanks to this agreement, ATAWEY is going to be able to work with a reliable technology, adapted to high quantity and long term storage. On the other hand, McPHY ENERGY will benefit from ATAWEY’s presence on the stationary energy autonomy.   This partnership will allow both firms to materialize their synergies and complementarity. They will also be in a position to reinforce their leading positions on the isolated sites market.

A win-win relationship

ATAWEY’s stand-alone energy autonomy solutions will beneficiate from McPHY ENERGY’s worldwide distribution network (who will be assuring the promotion of its products) and be promptly distributed internationally. McPHY ENERGY will make sure that its storage technologies are present on the stationary energy autonomy market, and therefore be in accordance with its hydrogen energy markets development strategy.

A system visible at the Bourget du Lac

ATAWEY’s isolated site (housing) energy autonomy device will be installed in June on the National Solar Energy Institute, with the support of CEA’s teams. The THEMIS project will see ATAWEY make is second installation later this year on a site related to the telecom market. ATAWEY is today in contact with French islands and refuges as well as different isolated sites internationally.

To learn more, download the press release below :


Photo credit: HobbyOne Photographe

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ATAWEY at the Mountain Planet

ATAWEY was exhibiting at the 2014 Mountain Planet fair (Grenoble) from the 23rd to the 25th of April. This represented the occasion to introduce our energy autonomy solutions for isolated sites based on the solid storage of hydrogen to the mountain specialists.

A highly export-oriented edition of the fair with more than 25 international delegations and an increasing share of international exhibitors (26%) out of the 750 exhibiting companies. Moreover, more than 16 000 visitors came to learn more about the latest technological innovations regarding mountain equipment. Visitors coming from Turkey, Japan, Germany or even the USA gathered around our booth to learn more about our system.

It is within this context that ATAWEY’s presence concluded positively with regular and qualified contacts. The reliable stand-alone energy solution developed by ATAWEY providing isolated sites with a simple and sustainable electricity over the year encountered a lot of success with mountain professionals such as ski resort, highly perched refuge or touristic site managers. Finally, partners willing to commercialize our product abroad also visited us.

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ATAWEY at the 2014 Hannover Messe

ATAWEY exhibited at the 20th edition of the Hannover Messe from the 7th to the 11th of April 2014. Considered as one of the most prestigious and significant fair worldwide, it appears to be the place to be for all the hydrogen, energy, fuel cells and batteries professionals. The exhibition gathered more than 180,000 visitors and 5,000 exhibitors coming from more than 100 countries in only 5 days!

Renewable energies and hydrogen technologies were the focus of the fair this year. A public intervention (which can be seen on our YouTube channel) allowed us to officially introduce our product. High quality contacts from the USA, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Malaysia, Norway, India, Hungary and others visited ATAWEY’s booth.

A partnership between UBI France and FrHYSBI (French HYdrogen Small Business Initiative) allowed the implementation of a French pavilion consisting of different French firms including ATAWEY. Finally, thanks to a regular and abundant international attendance on our stand, ATAWEY’s presence on the fair looks like a success and will allow us to pursue the commercialization of our systems.

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Press Release

ATAWEY, AIR LIQUIDE and ARELIS join forces to launch THEMIS, an innovative energy autonomy solutions project supported by ADEME and answering the TITEC call for projects dedicated to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

A project with renowned partners

This project concerns TV and telecommunication diffusions on isolated sites and aims at demonstrating and evaluating how ATAWEY’s system works and performs in real conditions.

As originator and coordinator of this project, ATAWEY will be able to assess its innovation and test it in optimal conditions, with the contribution of AIR LIQUIDE and ARELIS who will bring their expertise and knowledge to the project. This collaborative project approved by the energy cluster Tenerrdis is financed by both ADEME and the Rhône-Alpes Region as part of the INNOV’R® programme.

Collaborative relations for the success of the project

This partnership comes within the framework of recent debates in the energy industry regarding the energy transition and echoes the words of French Industrial Minister, Arnaud Montebourg who said that France must become “a European Champion of the hydrogen industry”.

THEMIS’s projected start date is September 2014. This partnership between start-up, industrial groups and institutional organisations highlights the collaborative process in the hydrogen-energy industry to provide solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s energy issues.

To learn more, download the press release available just below


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PARIS: NI DAYS 2014 au CNIT de La Defense

2014 NIDays Awards

It is in the context of the 2014 NI Days: “the annual engineers, scientists and lecturers meeting”, that ATAWEY won the award for the best applications, all categories included (“Super Laureate”) for the piloting of an energy autonomy system for isolated sites based on hydrogen technologies.


The NI Days were held on the 11th of February 2014 at the CNIT at La Défense, Paris, and were dedicated to system graphical conceptions, including more than 50 technical conferences on various themes such as embedded systems validation, sensors and industry 4.0.

ATAWEY had the opportunity to introduce its energy autonomy system destined to isolated sites (housing and industrial applications), respectful on the environment and based on the combination of the production of renewable energy and the secured storage of the excess energy in high quantity and over long periods of time through the hydrogen technologies.

A flexible device specifically designed for hard-to-access isolated sites and answering challenges associated to energy supply, renewable energy production irregularity (high variation between peaks of production and highly demanding periods like Winter), and their storage (50% of the renewable energies production is lost, wasted due to insufficient storage capacity).


The contest organised by NIDays allowed ATAWEY’s innovative device to be rewarded again by the energy and innovation industry experts.

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2013 Region Artinov trophy

ATAWEY wins the most innovative company regional contest in the production process category, an award highlighting its unique and innovative technological process.


 The 14th edition of the Regional Artinov challenge recognized the particularly innovative characteristic of ATAWEY’s home-conceived and manufactured energy autonomy solutions ; a concept respectful of both mankind and the environment.

 Jean-Michel Amaré and Pierre-Jean Bonnefond were awarded a trophy realized by an art-glass-maker* echoing the renewable energies used in their device. Thanks to its colour and uncluttered shape, the blue-coloured glass sculpture handed-over to the Laureates embodied the four elements : air, fire, water and earth.

 ATAWEY’s fuel-free energy generator uses these flowing energies (solar, water, wind), and transforms the excess renewable energy into solid and storable hydrogen.

 ATAWEY’s energy autonomy solutions are the product of a lot work in terms of Research and Development and Testing in the energy and hydrogen technologies. During Artinov’s ceremony, Jean-Michel Amaré confirmed ATAWEY’s will to keep the company growing and developing thanks to a highly supported R&D plan.


* Guillaume Martin, OxyVerre.

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2013 ARTINOV Trophy

ATAWEY receives the 2013 ARTINOV prize in the “production process” category of the innovation awards by the Savoie and Haute-Savoie Chambers of Trade. A contest that aims to reward both innovation and business development projects.


twenty years of innovations selected by professionals

Founded twenty years ago by the Ain Chamber of Trades, ARTINOV was taken over by Haute-Savoie and Savoie in 2000 and 2002. The aim of the initiative is to promote innovation and technological change in artisanal businesses.

The jury includes representatives of the Haute-Savoie Chamber of Trades, the Haute-Savoie General Council and the Rhône Alpes ARDI (Regional Agency for Development and Innovation) together with delegates from the NIIP (National Institute of Intellectual Property Rights) and OSEO Innovation.

ARTINOV not only promotes the integration of a new technology into an organisation but also covers other criteria such as the technical, commercial and financial realism of the business plan. The competition also assesses the company manager’s ability to implement an economic development strategy .

A challenge organised at département then regional level, focused on innovation, ARTINOV categories are as diverse as the trades and products or processes of production and high technology.

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2013 INNOV’R® Trophy

At the 2013 INNOV’R® Regional Trophies, ATAWEY received an award in the category “Energy: energy efficiency, storage and renewable energies” for its eco-innovative proposals.


Support for innovation

An original and unique scheme in France, the INNOV’R® permanent call for projects aims to contribute to rebuilding the industrial fabric of the region. Launched in 2008 by the Rhône-Alpes Region, Bpifrance, ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) , Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (Consignments and Loans Fund), the NIPI and AFNOR (in partnership with the ARDI regional development and innovation agency), the scheme encourages very small to mid-sized local enterprises to develop environmental innovations in the fields of renewable energies, construction and sustainable development, management of pollutant emissions, eco-innovative products and processes, and environmental measurement and evaluation.


Pilot installations under way

“Taking part in this INNOV’R® Trophy has helped to get ATAWEY and its innovative products known”, say the founders Jean Amaré and Pierre Bonnefond. “Initially, our actions are focused on the establishment of commercial partnerships with industry or managers of isolated sites in order to design the first regional installations.

We are currently working on an initial demonstration facility of 1 MWh which will be put in place early in 2014 and will be followed by a pilot production facility of 8 MWh, planned for an industrial signal transfer application”.

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Public hearing in the Senate

Invited to the French Senate by OPECST rapporteurs, Jean-Michel Amaré gave a presentation to the audience of senators, deputies and members of the hydrogen-energy sector on the innovative energy autonomy solutions developed by ATAWEY .

The two OPECST* rapporteurs, Laurent Kalinowski and Jean-Marc Pastor (Moselle Deputy and Tarn Senator respectively), selected ATAWEY for a public hearing dedicated to the energy applications of hydrogen. Young developing companies rubbed shoulders with key energy players such as Air Liquide and GDF.

Jean-Michel Amaré (CEO) presented the target markets of the startup together with the outlook (in the medium term) for applications of this vector within the framework of energy transition.

You can see the public hearing on:

This was the occasion to recall the challenges faced by the hydrogen-energy sector, and to request increased support from the public authorities for the deployment of these systems in France; but also to state the need to remove legislative obstacles in order to develop the use of this mature hydrogen technology.


* OPECST: French parliamentary office for the assessment of scientific and technological choices