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Light vehicles, utility vehicles, buses, garbage trucks and coaches

Moving towards a regional network

Atawey accompanies regions one step at a time towards a network of hydrogen charging installations. We propose the right solutions for refueling your light vehicles, utility vehicles, buses, garbage trucks and coaches with hydrogen.
Light utility vehicles

Regional transport, maximum flexibility

Buses and Coaches

For zero-emission public transport even over long distances

Garbage trucks

The hydrogen also supplies the energy-intensive hydraulic systems



Our mobile solutions can be rented to distribute hydrogen during your heavy or light vehicle test phase

Getting started

Our compact solutions are quick to implement and allow your community to benefit from "Plug & Play" hydrogen charging points that do not require any construction work to test this new form of transport.


Our integrated solutions are modular and scalable, so we can accompany an increase in the number of vehicles and limit the initial investment.

We accompany you from the design stage through to station operation, including supply, installation, commissioning, upgrading and maintenance. Under certain conditions, we will propose studies and our participation in the financing and operation.

Comprehensive assistance

Hydrogen stations and services


We propose to assist you in your project to design and deliver:

Mobile stations

For temporary needs to test vehicles and/or transition prior to the arrival of a fixed station,

Compact Station
Transportable small and medium capacity “all-in-one” starter stations delivering up to 100 kg/d,
Evolutive stations
Large capacity scalable stations (100kg to 1.3 t/d) for widespread deployment of hydrogen for heavy and light mobility,

Numerous options are available to meet the specific needs of your project

Rapid refueling
15 minutes for buses, 5 minutes for light vehicles
Simultaneous refueling, in-situ refueling

Depending on your uses: bus depot, public station...

350/700 bar pressure available

Distribution standards for all vehicles on the market

« Back to back » sizing

For refueling several vehicles in a row

Design of distribution dispensers
Export and import plate

For transporting hydrogen within a network of stations

Legal metrology

For public stations

Comprehensive support

Design, implementation, maintenance and operation