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Facing the challenges of the hydrogen sector

Implementation: Comprehensive assistance

The hydrogen industry is currently being structured: its needs are evolving over the course of the project, making them complicated to manage, particularly with multiple participants and constant innovations. We already have feedback on 25 stations and 10 years’ experience in carrying out hydrogen projects. We offer comprehensive support for the timely and successful completion of your tailor-made project.

A dedicated project manager

from the customer order to installation of the station

Assistance with the technical interpretation of the specifications

detailed studies, layout and construction work, regulatory procedures, etc.

Commissioning: delivery of your turnkey station

Qualification in the workshop, delivery, installation, tests and adjustments

Staff training

Adapted to the different participants

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Inauguration station hydrogène Moutiers 17/06/2022 /  Fabrice Pannecouk

Assistance during the station’s service life

Maintenance and after-sales service

After-sales service

Because a station’s availability is the key to the success of hydrogen mobility, our after-sales team is at your service throughout the station’s service life to maintain an optimal quality of service of your equipment. Before installation, we propose preventive maintenance adapted to the use of each station as well as a remote supervision service to prevent breakdowns. For corrective maintenance operations, our staff will be able to maintain your stations quickly and efficiently and thereby reduce unavailability. Their understanding of hydrogen technologies and their perfect knowledge of the specificities of our stations will make a real difference.

We go even further to meet the changing needs of the fleet over time: improving stations’ performance either by adapting the equipment or by optimizing the algorithms and updating the programs. Additional developments can be made to extend the scope of the stations (adding a vehicle type, increased capacity, another terminal, additional services).

Customized support



Operation is a key element in a hydrogen station’s performance. Our staff’s technical expertise will allow us to optimize its availability and durability as well as its energy and economic performance. Save time and money: having a single point of contact allows for a smooth resolution of the issues related to the innovative nature of hydrogen stations. Our in-house skills also allow us to offer you sustainable solutions that use the latest technologies. Our staff are trained for the long term and are specialists in these technologies.

Assistance with operation

Customized training or support

Operational management of the station :

  • Preventive and curative maintenance
  • User services (managing fill-ups, specific access requests)
  • Taking responsibility for the safety aspects of the station (ICPE)
  • Staff who are experts on the stations and on hydrogen

Availability, energy and economic performance

Reliability of an operator specialized in hydrogen