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Ecological and sustainable

Hydrogen produced using a renewable or low carbon process


Hydrogen is a means to serve the energy transition and the decarbonization of society. Atawey has chosen to favor low-carbon solutions by integrating green hydrogen solutions in all its offers, through on-site production or green hydrogen supply from our partners.

Comparison of CO2 emissions

Green H2
22 g CO2/km
low-carbon H2
31 g CO2/km
176 g CO2/km


Essential for the widespread development of renewable energies

The production of electricity from wind or solar power is intermittent by definition: it depends on weather conditions and the cycle of days and seasons. With green hydrogen, the energy produced can be stored and released when the consumer needs it. This ability to store it is an essential complement to the widespread development of new renewable energies. Similarly, the ability to stop the electrolyzer when energy consumption is greater than the production of renewable energies allows the network to be stabilized: this is the demand-response capacity
wind turbines in Oiz eolic park. Basque Country

Complementary to the battery

Autonomy and speed of refilling

When the battery reaches its limits in terms of operation, autonomy, recharging time, consumption of resources (raw materials, use of the grid), hydrogen offers solutions. Hydrogen is relevant for cleaning up low emission zones (LEZ) because it is zero emission, just like batteries.

+600km autonomy

With a full tank of 6kg, a light vehicle can travel more than 600km on average. It is the ideal technology for long distance journeys.

Refill in 5 min

Like a full tank of gasoline, refills are into a tank, by gas transfer. A refill takes about 5 min for light vehicles and 10 min for heavy vehicles.

Sustainable performances

In very cold weather or with an almost empty tank, a hydrogen vehicle maintains optimum performance.

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