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Logistics & Industry

Zero emission transport


Whether you are a manufacturer, a warehouse manager, a logistics professional, a carrier or a shipper, hydrogen can make you more efficient and reduce your carbon footprint. Today there are many vehicle offers adapted to your needs. On an existing or a new site, Atawey integrates the hydrogen production and refueling infrastructure into your facility, minimizing its footprint.

Heavy Duty Vehicles
Heavy loading and long distance transport
Light Utility Vehicles
Regional transport, maximum flexibility
Material Handling Equipment
Flexible 3 minute refills with a small footprint in the warehouse

Rapid refueling

Atawey's support for your clean mobility


Atawey provides step-by-step support for hydrogen refueling infrastructure projects adapted to your new or existing logistical and industrial needs. We can design a hydrogen station specific to your needs while controlling the distributed cost of your new carbon-free energy carrier.


All-in-one station

An all-in-one H2 station in a 20-foot container, quick to set up, delivering 30 to 60 kg daily at 350 bar and up to 100 kg in one day.



Hydrogen production and distribution for an "in situ" supply for your forklifts, your internal fleet of utility vehicles, vans and trucks.


Large capacity

To anticipate the widespread use of hydrogen for transport with the arrival of the first hydrogen-fueled utility vehicles and trucks.

Numerous options are available to meet the specific needs of your project
Multi fueling points

For indoor handling equipment and outdoor vehicles

Fast refills
15 minutes for trucks, 3 mins for forklifts
Simultaneous refueling, in-situ refueling
For your entire fleet’s supply
Pressure of 350/700 bar available

Distribution standards for all vehicles on the market

Back to back

For refueling several vehicles in a row

Design of dispensers
Identifiable innovation
Export and import plate
For smooth management of your hydrogen stocks
Legal metrology
To open your station to the public
Comprehensive support

Design, implementation, maintenance and operation

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