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A flexible, comprehensive hydrogen solution


As an expert in hydrogen mobility, we can help you to identify the needs and constraints of your project, through a judicious design and support in setting up the project. Our solutions are easy to transport and rapid to deploy, designed to make your vehicle tests and demonstrations easier and quite safe, before scaling up to vehicle deployment.

All-in-one stations

Easily deployable solutions as needed

Adjusted capacity

Small and medium capacity, from 10 to 150kg/d

Compatible with all vehicles

For testing your new light or heavy land, rail and sea vehicles.


An offer that enables you to limit your investment to the duration of your tests and demonstrations

A simplified project

Limited construction work and few administrative declarations

Rapid implementation

Simplified procedures, short lead times and rapid installation

Green hydrogen stations

Vehicle testing and demonstration

Our solutions are designed to come to your site, with no construction work required, with a short commissioning time to eliminate the constraints related to hydrogen refueling and the implementation of this type of project.
up to 100 kg/d


Test bench and test runs for light and utility vehicle. Turnkey and all-in-one, Compact stations can distribute a maximum of 100 kg of hydrogen in one day and up to 60 kg/d daily.

up to 100 kg/d


Tests on different sites for land, rail and sea vehicles. This station can be moved with its internal hydrogen stocks (TPED) and be set up in only ½ day start-up, making it easy to change location.

Station de distribution d'hydrogène

Delivery of green hydrogen

Hydrogen supply logistics are an integral part of your hydrogen station project. Depending on your needs, it will be done with containers, tube trailers or frames.