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1kg/d to 100kg/d

Compact hydrogen station


Compact stations are turnkey and all-in-one stations, able to deliver a maximum of 100 kg of hydrogen in one day and up to 60 kg daily. They fit into a single space : storage, compression, distribution and screen. They make it possible to start up ecosystems, to carry out pilot projects or to test new vehicles.

Simplified installation

With a minimum of 6m² of floor space, the construction work and paper work are simplified


Single, double or triple pressure: 300, 350 or 700 bars, for light and heavy vehicles.

70,000km to 1,5M km per year

Up to 15 refills of light vehicles or 3 refills of heavy vehicles daily

Refueling of light vehicles
in accordance with CEP and SAEJ protocols for uncooled distribution
Available for hire
Weekly, monthly or yearly, to adapt to your project’s duration
All-in-one station
a compression, storage and dispensing module with touch screen
Green hydrogen production option
compact stations can include an electrolyzer for production of 500g to 2kg per day


Our stations meet European standards


Maximum level of safety

We perform Hazop, Atex and Lopa safety studies and ensure the station’s safety in the event of a hydrogen leak (ICPE 1416 standard)

A rapid filling system

Complies with the standards in force: SAEJ 2601 and CEP for light vehicles

Connected Station

Intelligent automated safety and monitoring system

Compliance and Safety

10 years of expertise

Compact Stations

Technical Specifications


Compact M

Compact S

Compact XS

Refuels light and heavy duty vehicles (up to 25kg)

350 uncooled communicating (700 bar T20 cooled option available in 2023)

Footprint: One 20ft container for compression, utilities, storage and distribution

Variable distribution capacity depending on the hydrogen source pressure, the type of vehicle and the frequency of distribution: from 30 kg daily for heavy vehicles up to a peak of 100 kg for light vehicles over one day.

Source tube trailers of 200 to 500 bar


Refuels light duty vehicles

300, 350 and 700 bar uncooled

Footprint: 6m² (2.9x1.8m)

Source electrolyzer or frames

Distribution capacity: 10kg/day

Production capacity: 2kg/day

For a fleet of light vehicles, up to 6 cars or 300,000 km/year


Refuels light duty vehicles

300 bar uncooled

Footprint: 6m² (2.9x1.8m)

Source electrolyzer or frames

Distribution capacity: 1kg/day

Production capacity: 0.5kg/day

For a fleet of hydrogen bikes


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Soft mobility

Bike station

To develop regional soft mobility, hydrogen-powered e-bikes have the advantage of considerable autonomy and a fast recharge. Our stations are compatible with the refueling of bikes at 300 bar. It takes 2 minutes to fill up for 150 km of autonomy.