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40kg/d à 150kg/d

Mobile hydrogen station

Hydrogen anytime, anywhere. Designed for hydrogen vehicle tests and demonstrations, for temporary applications and to take over from fixed stations during maintenance, mobile stations go to customers to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen mobility for the refueling of buses, coaches, trucks and garbage trucks, etc.

Set up in ½ day

Rapid installation and autonomous start-up by the operator, thanks to self-checking processes.

All-in-one station

Compression, storage and distribution in a 20-foot trailer-mounted unit, for easy set up

40 à 150kg/day

The delivery capacity changes according to the type of H2 source, vehicle and delivery schedule.

Distribution 350 bar uncooled
For refueling heavy or light vehicles, according to CEP and SAEJ protocols
Available for hire
Weekly, monthly or yearly, to adapt to your project’s duration.
Logistical flexibility
A choice of supply: by connecting frames & tube trailers or by direct filling at a fixed hydrogen station


Our stations meet European standards


Maximum safety level

In addition to Hazop, Atex and Lopa safety studies and ICPE compliance, our mobile stations are approved for hydrogen transport (TPED)

A rapid filling system

Complies with the standards in force: SAEJ 2601 for light vehicles and CEP for heavy vehicles

Connected Station

Intelligent automated safety and monitoring system

Compliance and Safety

10 years of expertise

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