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Atawey, the French leader in hydrogen refueling stations, is racking up awards and is rolling out its high-capacity stations

The Savoie-based company, which manufactures, designs and distributes hydrogen refueling stations, is experiencing a wonderful alignment of the planets!


France’s leading manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations (with more than 40% of the total installed base1) is delighted to announce that it has been selected as the winner of the first batch of the French Tech 2030 programme, a new national programme run by the General Secretariat for Investment, with the support of Mission French Tech and the expertise of Bpifrance.

This is a sign of recognition for Atawey, which now offers one of the widest ranges of stations on the European market, including high-capacity upgradable stations (up to 1.3 t/d) designed to meet the needs of the growth in intensive mobility.

Selected from among 840 applications, Atawey joins 125 other emerging players in French innovation in a programme combining financial and extra-financial support. Atawey’s major objective is to help emerging French technology leaders to emerge in all the France 2030 vertical areas, so that they can develop and shine on the international stage.

At the same time, Atawey has won two awards: from the industry and at local level

Atawey is also one of the winners of the first France Hydrogène 2023 Awards, which recognise players in the hydrogen industry for their dynamism and value creation.

Atawey received the Innovation Award for its mobile hydrogen refueling station.

Launched in 2022 and designed by the company’s R&D teams, this station represents a major industrial innovation. The station moves to the customer, whatever the need.

To speed up commissioning (less than 4 hours) and avoid the station being unavailable, it incorporates two innovative programmes, also designed in-house : ata’Start and ata’Check.


Atawey has also been selected to take part in the 2023 edition of the “Climate Solutions Accelerator” programme run by the Cannes Lérins conurbation. The aim of this local event is to bring together developers of practical solutions with elected representatives from the area, to help prevent the effects of climate change.


These various awards and programs are recognition of the efforts made by the company, which for over ten years has been working to accelerate hydrogen mobility in France and internationally. The company’s DNA, based on innovation and industrial expertise, means it can meet the expectations of different markets and adapt to the changing needs of hydrogen mobility.

HYmpulsion renews its confidence in Atawey

As good news never comes alone, Atawey is pleased to announce a new order for three high-capacity stations from HYmpulsion, the company responsible for the operational and commercial implementation of the Zero Emission Valley project. These three hydrogen refueling stations, each with a compression capacity of up to 1.3 tonnes of hydrogen per day, will enable the Zero Emission Valley project to continue its development.


This major project, backed by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, plans to deploy more than 400 hydrogen-powered light vehicles (commercial and passenger vehicles) and more than 115 buses, lorries and coaches by 2024, making it necessary to set up appropriate hydrogen refuelling stations. With an initial distribution capacity of 400 kilograms of hydrogen per day, the stations ordered will eventually be upgradable to 1.3 tonnes per day, enabling Atawey to meet the requirements and needs of the Zero Emission Valley project.


This new order for three stations is the logical continuation of a long-standing partnership, since the first two stations in the Zero Emission Valley project were manufactured and installed by Atawey and are already being operated by HYmpulsion: the first in Chambéry and the second in Moûtiers.


With station availability rates of over 95% and daily monitoring, Atawey is positioning itself as a key player in hydrogen distribution. Like the stations in Chambéry and Moûtiers, these three new stations will incorporate the international MC Formula filling protocol. This extremely complex refuelling protocol saves energy and increases station availability. It also enhances the user experience.



Atawey is the first French manufacturer to incorporate this technological innovation.


The three future stations will be installed by 2024 in Annecy, Valence and Salaise-sur-Sanne, south of Lyon. These strategic locations will make it possible to create hydrogen corridors – in line with European programs to deploy massive hydrogen infrastructures along major traffic routes – between Lyon and Valence and Valence and Annecy. The aim of creating this network is to support the development of a low-carbon mobility sector in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, while ensuring that heavy goods vehicles can be refuelled on European cross-border routes.

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Technogas and Atawey join their expertise to accelerate hydrogen mobility in BeNeLux

At a time when the hydrogen sector is developing throughout Europe thanks to an incentive policy of public investment and the accelerated evolution of the regulatory framework, Technogas, a company that designs, assembles and maintains pressure-reducing and metering stations for the gas network, is pleased to announce the conclusion of a partnership with Atawey, a designer, manufacturer and installer of hydrogen refueling stations.   Together, Technogas and Atawey will offer a turnkey solution to facilitate the deployment of hydrogen mobility in BeNeLux. It’s a coherent alliance for the two European companies, who place the reliability of the solutions they offer at the forefront and wish to support businesses in the decarbonisation of their uses.

Modular, complementary stations coupled with a 360° service offering

With this partnership, Technogas and Atawey will offer a turnkey solution: product (the hydrogen refueling station by Atawey) and service (maintenance and technical operation by Technogas), so that companies can benefit from a complete, reliable and sustainable solution.   On the one hand, Technogas, a benchmark player recognised for its expertise and the quality of its offerings, which has been working in the industrial and renewable gases sector for more than 50 years, is looking to expand its business portfolio in a field in which it already has a great deal of experience: hydrogen. The company is thus entering a new dimension and becoming a player in low-carbon mobility.   Atawey, on the other hand, has been an expert in the design, manufacture and installation of hydrogen refueling stations for over 10 years, and is keen to deploy its technological expertise, network and in-depth knowledge of the sector on an international scale. The Savoie-based company’s range of hydrogen refueling stations includes mobile stations that can be deployed in half a day, and upgradable high-capacity stations (up to 1.3 t/d) for intensive use (logistics, heavy mobility, public transport, etc.).   In addition to equipment sales, this partnership offers comprehensive support for associated services. It covers the entire value chain of a hydrogen infrastructure project, from design to maintenance and operation.

A coherent partnership

By signing this partnership agreement, the companies are combining their complementary advantages to meet the challenges of climate change and low-carbon mobility. This is an obvious choice when you realise that we need to move forward collectively if we are to achieve the carbon neutrality targets set by the public authorities.   “We are proud to have Atawey as a partner, a company that has been committed from the outset to offering a unique local value proposition and to designing its stations in a more sustainable way,” says Laurent FEMONT, Director of Technogas. “Atawey’s products and values are a natural match for the services offered by Technogas, and it is through this type of virtuous agreement that we will be able to offer complete and coherent solutions to the hydrogen mobility market.”   “Today, Technogas ensures the highest quality of service in all the areas in which the company has been able to develop. Our two companies want to support the carbon-free mobility market with proven technology and a customer service that is as close as possible to businesses and local authorities,” says Geoffroy VILLE, International Sales Developer. “We are enthusiastic about this partnership, which is proof that concrete solutions do exist.”
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Atawey launches ata’START et ata’CHECK

Atawey est heureux d’annoncer la mise en service de son nouveau logiciel de diagnostic automatisé de ses stations incluant deux programmes : ata’START et ata’CHECK. Ces innovations technologiques pour lesquelles des demandes de brevets ont été déposées, directement issues du savoir-faire industriel des équipes R&D de l’entreprise, sont une brique essentielle qui va permettre de faciliter le déploiement de la mobilité hydrogène en France et à l’international via la mise en service accélérée et sécurisée des stations de recharge.

Développé en seulement six mois, ce logiciel permet grâce à des programmes d’autodiagnostic et d’auto-contrôle d’une part de prévenir au plus tôt les dérives et défaillances sur les composants d’une station de recharge – défaillances qui auraient pour impact à terme une indisponibilité de la station – et d’autre part de maximiser la sécurité au moment de sa mise en service ou à la suite d’opérations de maintenance. Le programme ata’START permet également pour les stations mobiles et les stations compactes de recharge hydrogène une mise en service ultra accélérée, véritable atout concurrentiel sur un marché en plein développement.

ata’START: the commissioning self-test, a high-performance tool for optimising station commissioning

When it comes to commissioning a mobile hydrogen refueling station used, for example, for breakdown repairs or temporary and/or event use, commissioning is a key stage that requires speed and expertise, as transport may have put a particular strain on the station’s internal components.

Once the mobile hydrogen refueling station has arrived safely at its destination, the on-site technician has to check that the station is watertight and that all its components are working properly, including the peripherals – an often tedious but imperative task.

ata’START, a programme designed and implemented by Atawey’s teams, operates automatically and interacts with the technician to carry out specific actions. The technician is accompanied throughout the process by a screen that allows him to follow the progress step by step. They are guided in the search for any faults or malfunctions. The programme independently tests the correct operation of all the station’s components by means of an exhaustive check.


ata’START will be fully implemented on all Atawey compact and mobile hydrogen refueling stations. Included in the commissioning time for these stations (4 hours), this programme makes commissioning the fastest on the market. For evolutive stations, only the process linked to the self-test of “utility” functions will be installed.

ata’CHECK: Daily self-testing to prevent risks and faults, for greater safety and to avoid station unavailability

The first advantage of this programme, for which a patent has been filed, is that it prevents hydrogen refueling stations from becoming unavailable, which can have a detrimental effect on the entire hydrogen ecosystem.

The new ata’CHECK programme enables automated daily self-testing of all the hydrogen circuits in a station, with one objective: to check for potential leaks (internal and external) and detect any deviations before they become too great and cause the station to become unavailable. ata’CHECK is automatically launched every day during off-peak hours (for example, at night, when the station is least busy), so as not to impact on the compression work.

If even a minor fault is detected, the programme refines its search by reducing the number of test sections to pinpoint the fault zone as precisely as possible. The operator is then automatically informed by email and SMS, so he can take the necessary steps.

ata’CHECK has already been implemented on the new Atawey hydrogen refueling stations (evolutive, compact and mobile) installed since the end of 2022.

A breakthrough innovation that meets the expectations of a fast-growing market

This innovation responds to a real problem in the hydrogen ecosystem market: improving the safety of hydrogen refueling stations through preventive maintenance. This unique software makes it possible to carry out automatic daily self-tests of stations without waiting for compulsory maintenance to be carried out, thereby increasing their reliability and safety.

“The launch of this new software, which took our R&D teams six months to develop in-house, is a real step forward for the industry. This ground-breaking innovation, which is directly linked to our expertise and our industrial mastery of our equipment, will enable us to meet the expectations of the French and international markets, particularly in terms of the safety of our installations and the speed of implementation,” explains Baptiste VERDIN, Compact and Mobile Product Manager at Atawey.