2021 - A look back at a decisive year for hydrogen

2021 - A look back at a decisive year for hydrogen 21/12/2021

2021 was a decisive year for the rise of hydrogen projects around the world and particularly in France. The press as well as politicians have communicated extensively in recent months on the importance of hydrogen to reduce our carbon footprint.

There is a real desire to move forward and the desire to achieve successful decarbonization in France. The efforts are relentless, both on the side of the industrial entites and the government. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery also declared: “I consider that we have the capacity to be the world green hydrogen leader. [We have] the technologies, the public subsidies, the industrial network and the common will: this is a guarantee of success and I am sure that when it comes to green hydrogen, we will succeed." It was indeed during this speech of September 30, 2021 that the Minister mentioned the various “evidences” of the future energy transition. He pointed out that energy resources are vital on a daily basis, both for heating and mobility.

Fossil fuels exploitation and use have a considerable impact on the environment. These energy sources, emitting carbon dioxide (CO2), are partly responsible for climate change and the decline in air quality. Decarbonization and energy sovereignty can go hand in hand. Also, he also reminds us that we are, in France, in the process of consolidating our energy independence, thanks to the continuous efforts from all the actors in the chain.

Atawey, a major player in the rise of hydrogen on the territory, worked hard this year to decarbonize mobility in several cities in France. 7 hydrogen stations have therefore been installed by Atawey in 2021, bringing the total number of stations in the territory to 23. The one in Chambéry, installed in 2020, has been very successful and carried out more than 1,000 fill-ups in 2021, 80% of which at a pressure of 700 bar. Nearly 4 fill-ups per day on average: a proof of the hydrogen mobility success with professional cars regular recharges that require optimum availability and service!

Atawey also continues to innovate, particularly through its mobile hydrogen station. Intended for vehicle tests and demonstrations, as well as temporary applications on construction sites and for events, this new solution improves access to vehicle charging, speeding up hydrogen mobility development. This mobile station, an ADEME innovation award-winner, is available for pre-order for first deliveries from April 2022. These developments have enabled Atawey to expand, both in terms of its premises than the size of its teams. As a reminder, Atawey went from 28 to 40 employees in 2021, with the ambition of reaching 150 employees within 3 years. And for 2022, Atawey is already at the forefront of the hydrogen scene with:
- The launch of the mobile station scheduled for the first half of 2022
- The commissioning of the Moûtiers station. The symbolic laying of the first stone took place last October. The station will eventually supply fleets of buses, garbage trucks, utility vehicles and even snow groomers for surrounding slopes.

The entire Atawey team wishes you all the best for 2022 ! Let's continue to move forward together towards a sustainable future!