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Atawey Mobile station in details

Atawey Mobile station in details 02/05/2022

While the entire hydrogen sector is developing in France, Atawey, a major player in hydrogen charging stations with a 40% market share, announces the launch of its first mobile hydrogen charging stati [...]

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2022 - a year full of hydrogen promises

2022 - a year full of hydrogen promises 31/01/2022

2021 was a decisive year for hydrogen mobility. Seen as a solution for sustainable enregy, hydrogen is attracting the interest of investors and governments from all Europe. In France, the government r [...]

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New MOBILE hydrogen station by Atawey

New MOBILE hydrogen station by Atawey 08/09/2021

Atawey, one of the French leaders in hydrogen refueling stations, is launching its new mobile hydrogen station. Able to supply several heavy goods vehicles and ready to operate in only half a day, the [...]

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Atawey on its way to Europe

Atawey on its way to Europe 06/09/2021

Energy transition is becoming increasingly important in the recent years. Large cities and capitals are actively thinking about their decarbonisation and preparing to step up their efforts in favor of [...]

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Atawey & Ergosup partnership

Atawey & Ergosup partnership 28/06/2021

In September 2020, the French government announces a 7-billion-euros hydrogen roadmap. In the process, the French environmental institution, ADEME, opened calls for projects. At European level, German [...]

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For now several years, ATAWEY is part of the major actors in hydrogen technologies. After having designed and manufactured turnkey autonomous energy solutions for remote sites, it takes part to the de [...]

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Atawey installs MYE1 on INES' site

Atawey installs MYE1 on INES' site 04/07/2014

Atawey is pleased to announce the installation of MYE1 on the Solar Energy National Institute’s platform (INES) located in Savoie Technolac.   Realized this day, the installation represents a grea [...]

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ATAWEY at the Mountain Planet

ATAWEY at the Mountain Planet 24/04/2014

ATAWEY was exhibiting at the 2014 Mountain Planet fair (Grenoble) from the 23rd to the 25th of April. This represented the occasion to introduce our energy autonomy solutions for isolated sites based [...]

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ATAWEY at the 2014 Hannover Messe

ATAWEY at the 2014 Hannover Messe 09/04/2014

ATAWEY exhibited at the 20th edition of the Hannover Messe from the 7th to the 11th of April 2014. Considered as one of the most prestigious and significant fair worldwide, it appears to be the place [...]

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Press Release

Press Release 20/02/2014

ATAWEY, AIR LIQUIDE and ARELIS join forces to launch THEMIS, an innovative energy autonomy solutions project supported by ADEME and answering the TITEC call for projects dedicated to hydrogen and fuel [...]

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2014 NIDays Awards

2014 NIDays Awards 11/02/2014

It is in the context of the 2014 NI Days: “the annual engineers, scientists and lecturers meeting”, that ATAWEY won the award for the best applications, all categories included (“Super Laureate [...]

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2013 Region Artinov trophy

2013 Region Artinov trophy 05/02/2014

ATAWEY wins the most innovative company regional contest in the production process category, an award highlighting its unique and innovative technological process.                   [...]

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2013 ARTINOV Trophy

2013 ARTINOV Trophy 05/12/2013

ATAWEY receives the 2013 ARTINOV prize in the "production process" category of the innovation awards by the Savoie and Haute-Savoie Chambers of Trade. A contest that aims to reward both innovation and [...]

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2013 INNOV’R® Trophy

2013 INNOV’R® Trophy 25/11/2013

At the 2013 INNOV'R® Regional Trophies, ATAWEY received an award in the category "Energy: energy efficiency, storage and renewable energies" for its eco-innovative proposals.   Support for innovat [...]

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Public hearing in the Senate

Public hearing in the Senate 30/10/2013

Invited to the French Senate by OPECST rapporteurs, Jean-Michel Amaré gave a presentation to the audience of senators, deputies and members of the hydrogen-energy sector on the innovative energy auto [...]

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