Founded in 2012 by Jean-Michel Amaré and Pierre-Jean Bonnefond, Atawey developped its expertise in hydrogen production technologies based on reliability, safety and performance.

Our patented water electrolysis technology, innovative by its high environmental performance, is embedded in our hydrogen refueling stations, so that we produce (green) hydrogen on site, from (renewable) electricity  and water.

Our team of 25 people supports you at all stages of your hydrogen project. What are the uses of hydrogen? How to develop sustainable mobility and lower emission zones in my territory? How does a hydrogen station work? What is the price of a full tank of hydrogen?




To meet the challenges of sustainable mobility and energy transition, Atawey designs, manufactures and markets green hydrogen charging stations. Our products are designed for the current hydrogen mobility needs: from a pilot project to territories' hydrogen ecosystems, including small fleets of vehicles.

Hydrogen mobility is aimed at companies and local communities wishing to reduce their carbon footprint while improving their level of service. No more dilemma between low-carbon mobility and vehicle performance! Fuel cell cars refuel in 5 minutes the hydrogen to drive 600km! With a quiet electric motor, zero emission and always available, the ecological transport is at your fingertips.