An innovative product, with patents registered for several components.

100% automated + 4 times more compact than batteries + Reliability + No CO2 emissions + Low maintenance + No noise + Saves space on the ground + Completely secure + Modular + No fuel + Constant energy availability + 100% renewable + Competitive + Lifetime > 15 years + In extreme conditions + Odourless

A unique product, adapted to isolated sites

ATAWEY's system meets the challenges of energy supply (in terms of energy in reserve and/or power), in the harshest conditions (altitude and cold or heat and humidity), while respecting the environment (no noise or atmospheric nuisance).
It resolves the problem of intermittent production of renewable energies from photovoltaic, wind or hydraulic sources, the only natural sources available on isolated sites. By providing sustainable storage, it limits all wastage and guarantees the supply whatever the variability and changes in consumption.
It also saves space and reduces costs for the user. Thanks to this system, a site can achieve total electrical autonomy over the year, without over-sizing its renewable energy installation.


Composition, two systems in a packaged product

The ATAWEY product consists of a short term storage system (day) with batteries,and a long term storage system (year) with a hydrogen chain.

This product has been designed to be installed outdoors, it is resistant to the most demanding weather conditions and to any act of vandalism.


Two-phase operation :

1- During periods of high production, the system stores all the renewable energy in batteries. When these batteries are full, the excess energy is converted into hydrogen by electrolysis, then securely stored at low pressure and in large quantities and for several months.

2- During periods of low energy production, (winter, rainy season, etc.), when demand is at its highest and the renewable resource is at its lowest, the energy is restored via a fuel cell. It is therefore possible to avoid the use of fossil fuels (generator set).

With the ATAWEY system, energy adapts to uses, and not the reverse.




Presentation OF THE RANGe

The range developed meets requirements for power from 0.5kW to 50kW and for energy from 1Mh/year to 30MWh/year.

Depending on solar production in your geographical location, the various ATAWEY systems meet your needs.

Irradiation solaire

For installations up to 4 MWh/year, the overall dimensions of the system are similar to those of traditional of heating and energy storage installations (boiler type). It can be installed outdoors, whatever the climatic conditions are.

For installations up to 30 MWh/year, the system is packed in outdoor containers for easy installation in all environments in the export market.

Great modularity can be built into the basic package (free volume and connections left available inside the system, for example) to support developments in site requirements:
- addition of storage and associated production modules
- addition of power modules


System characteristics and advantages

Avantages solution Atawey
Simple :

  • Works without any input of fossil fuel (generator set, gas)
  • Energy reserves visible at any time
  • System flexibility over time
  • Reduced maintenance



Reliable :

  • Secured, available energy reserves
  • High capacity for response to peaks in consumption
  • Battery life extended by up to 20%
  • High overall efficiency (50%)
  • Compatibility with extreme weather conditions (altitude, humidity and temperature ranges from -25°C to +50°C)
  • Reinforced protection against vandalism

Ecological :

  • Use of eco-responsible components
  • Non-pollutant incoming and outgoing elements (oxygen, water, heat)
  • No atmospheric emissions (CO2, smoke, microparticles)
  • Noise-free
  • Use of renewable energies

Economical :

  • Competitive total cost of ownership (investment + operation)
  • Pure genset / ATAWEY comparison

The graph below compares the return on investment of two configurations of generator sets (high and low) and the ATAWEY product for a 1kW system providing a continuous supply throughout the year - i.e. 9 MWh per annum on an isolated site.
The "high" and "low" configurations correspond to low and average levels of access difficulty.
The ROI is costed in years.

Comparatif Retour sur investissement groupe électrogène (genset)  et système Atawey


Sizing stage

The sizing-study is made up of four successive steps to provide our customer woth the most adapted and flexible solution.

1- Objective: to gain a better understanding of the various challenges connected to the project.

2- A size study quotation is submitted to the client because every project is unique. Moreover, a storage system can only be well-dimensioned if there is perfect knowledge and comprehension of the numerous aspects of the project such as the current renewable energy production, on-site consumption, the devices utilized or the period of occupation. The quote’s cost is withdrawn from the global cost of the equipment.

3- The size study consists of a first phase of information collection (sent by the client or done by ATAWEY), a modelling stage of the project and a forecast of the needs’ evolution in the future in order to provide the customer with the most adapted and tailor-made energy solution.


Hydrogen: green, efficient energy

Hydrogen is the heart of the ATAWEY product. It is used to convert the excess energy produced on isolated sites via various renewable energy facilities using photovoltaic, wind or hydraulic sources.

Obtained by electrolysis, it is securely and compactly stored in solid form. This energy is then restored by hydrogen batteries.


Hydrogen: several advantages for isolated sites

- production from clean energies, without greenhouse gas emissions or noise
- compact, high density storage, for several months, without loss of charge, adapted to extreme conditions (temperature, humidity, altitude)
- recovery flexibility (depending on needs)

United States, Canada, Japan, Germany... Several countries are working on the potential of hydrogen. This energy vector and the uses of hydrogen batteries are the subject of many developments in various fields of application, especially for electric vehicles and forklift trucks.

In France, and especially in the Rhône-Alpes region where ATAWEY is located, many hydrogen-based projects are under way. The highly active local entrepreneurial network is a vector of innovation and performance, at the cutting edge in the use of this technology.


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