Green and on-site hydrogen production for zero-emission operations

> Refueling stations at 350 and 700 bar
> Operations from -20°C to +40°C
> 15 years lifetime
> Compact, plug and play stations
> Reduce your carbon footprint


Environmental innovation for your business performancE

Tomorrow’s economic development is part of a green energy transition. The challenge is to ally environmental performance with the operational requirements of your activity: being responsive for your customers and partners and driving efficient and powerful technical vehicles, summer and winter, to achieve the best possible performance.

To meet these challenges, the hydrogen vehicle is the solution: while being zero emission, hydrogen vehicles have a flexibility close to that of combustion vehicles and their performance does not depend on the outside temperature or the filling rate of their tank.

You are:

- a local community with a few technical vehicles for the maintenance of city gardens or project owner for a hydrogen bus or dumpster

- a company with delivery or maintenance vehicles

- a warehouse with forklifts and / or other transport vehicles.

zero-emission operations

You are looking to improve the environmental impact of your fleet of utility or technical vehicles. Hydrogen vehicles are suitable for your energy transition project because they are:

- Clean: no CO2 emissions, only water vapor

- Always available: long battery life and short recharging time (about 5 min)

- Powerful: constant power whatever the filling rate of the tank

- Efficient: performance independent of the outside temperature

- Silent: an electric motor is powered by hydrogen

In order to refill these innovative vehicles with hydrogen fuel, you can have your own hydrogen production station in your facilities. In addition, this is an opportunity to take advantage of the green energy produced by your photovoltaic panel installations, if you have one or if you are planning to do so.

If you are thinking about a fuel cell forklift project and you already have a battery recharging station, the hydrogen production and recharging facilities will save space, as they are more compact, and time, because the time to fill the tank is less than the time to change a battery.

In addition, depending on the size of your fleet, we adapt the size of the charging station. If you just want to do a pilot project with 1 to 5 light vehicles, our compact station will most suit your needs. If you have a larger fleet or heavy vehicles – which may expand in the future – our multi-pressure and scalable station will meet your expectations. Our team is here to assist you during all phases of your hydrogen project.