The end of the dilema between sustainable mobility and autonomy : the fuel cell car is here!

> Zero emission car
> +600km driving autonomy
> Silent
> 3 models already available
> 5 min hydrogen fuel recharge


Innovate and accelerate your environmental impact

Facing the current challenges of increased competitiveness, staying one step ahead is essential. Amplified by the health crisis, the environmental impact and corporate social responsibility have a very significant impact on the purchasing decisions of customers: 79% change their purchasing preferences on these criteria, while only 18% of managers have declared having invested in such programs. Consumer awareness and technology are key elements in the success of your environmental innovation strategy.

To meet these challenges, hydrogen technology has many advantages for mobility: while being emission free, hydrogen vehicles have a flexibility close to that of combustion vehicles. The production of hydrogen by electrolysis from renewable electricity does not generate any CO2 emissions either. From production to consumption, the entire chain is part of the green energy transition.

Hydrogen corporate car with Atawey hydrogen stationYou want your team to drive vehicles that differentiate by their state-of-the-art environmental innovation. The hydrogen vehicle meets these expectations, in addition to your needs for permanent availability: being able to be on time for your appointments in your region, thanks to a great distance range (700km) and a short charging time (about 5 min). Forget about the experience of willing to use an electric company car that is discharged without having time to recharge up to its full capacity. This fear of running out of battery would then lead you to fall back on a classic gasoline car, if the fuel cell car, with hydrogen as fuel, did not exist.

To be able to refill these innovative vehicles with hydrogen fuel, you can have your own hydrogen production station in your facilities. In addition, this is an opportunity to take advantage of the green energy produced by your photovoltaic panel installations, if you have one or if you are planning to do so.

Empower your business or local community to differentiate and pioneer, with modern, clean, quiet, innovative vehicles available all the time. Display your values from the first contact with your partners and enjoy a pleasant and relaxing drive. Our team is at your disposal to support you throughout your project.


Le Castellet - Energy for local development #HYNOVAR Atawey hydrogen station at F1 Castellet

The Paul Ricard circuit and the CCI du Var demonstrated their innovation skills by inaugurating an Atawey hydrogen station during the Formula 1 circuit, to support their vehicles running on hydrogen and the transport shuttles between the airport and the circuit. Operation and maintenance are provided by Engie Solutions.