The hydrogen bike with eletric assistance, an alternative to the private car to reduce carbon footprint

> Hydrogen refueling station for bikes
> Hydrogen bike with electric assistance
> A range of 150km of autonomy
> For daily commuting or touristic routes
> No atmospheric emissions (CO2, fumes, particles)
> Hydrogen cargo bikes for urban deliveries


The hydrogen bike for daily commuting, touristIC ROUTES OR URBAN DELIVERIES

Using the bike for commuting to work or for touristic activities is getting more and more popular as European and national cycling plans are launched and safer cycling routes or bike leasing plans are implemented. There are still big gaps in cycling depending on the cities: in London or Paris, only 2 to 3% of the population cycle to work, whereas it’s way more popular in Amsterdam (22%) or Copenhagen (30%). Thanks to the rise of the electric bicycle, the less athletic can also use this mode of transport in everyday life and also double the daily distance range from 7.5km to 15km. Moreover, the electric bicycle is experiencing remarkable growth: 12% growth in 2019, 45% of the bicycle market share in value and 15% in volume, in France. This regain of interest for this alternative to car is leading to a diversification of e-bike range and new challenges: engine power, autonomy range, recharging time, longevity.

Hydrogen bike station VelhyreWith 150km autonomy and a record charging time of 2 minutes, the hydrogen bike offers a real innovation to cycling. It offers a more comfortable experience, a wider use range and an almost permanent availability.

Pragma Industries developed the hydrogen bike and optimizes the whole hydrogen chain to fit it into the bicycle.

Atawey and its partner Pragma Industries manufacture and market an innovative and unique soft mobility solution based on the hydrogen electric bicycle including the hydrogen charging station, a fleet of hydrogen bicycles and a range of services to ensure long-term use of the station.

The offer is dedicated to:

- public services for long-term rentals for example (communities, towns, municipalities, etc.)

- tourism professionals willing to differentiate their travel offer, with electric assistance

- urban deliveries with a fast and always available bike.

Atawey hydrogen bike station at Saint-LôTo engage citizens with soft mobility, the city of Saint-Lô decided to install an Atawey hydrogen charging station for bicycles and together with 10 Pragma hydrogen bicycles. The hospital staff were the firsts to use the hydrogen bikes, followed by high-school teenagers. This demonstration of sustainable mobility generated positive engagement from all, as “the fast refuel of the bike convinced the staff”.